Citan and Adamson

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About Project

Citan + Adamson contacted us to focus in on a re-brand. Using their general aesthetic and researching their client base we decided to bring together professionalism with a pop of colour.

Live Project
Citan & Adamson
September 2021

After completing the research phase we decided to focus on colour variants to express their new brand. The best way to establish this kind of aesthetic was to use the 80-20 approach - 80% of the visual brand will be done in black and white, and 20% will be pops of colour.

Colour variation and clean fonts were the main focus of the re-brand strategy that tied in all of the marketing and brand collateral providing a cohesive brand vision.

Using light and clean fonts as well as utilising the firms name as the main logo created visual balance and seamless transitions. Adding the “+” to the firms logo gave the brand a lot more differentiation from its competitors. Leaving their new branding with a sleek, elegant and modern look. 

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