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About Project

Lexicon needed a new logo and brand collateral for their firm. We focused on understanding what their goals were for the rebrand. Through focusing on brand strategy we found that they wanted a more serious and professional branding structure that conveyed their services but also created a lighter feel to the brand.

Live Project
September 2021

When Lexicon came to us looking for a fresh design for their firm, we wanted to work through what they wanted to represent and how they wanted to engage their customer base. 

Through our brand strategy session - we found a modern take with a forward and professional structure would be the best approach. Moving past the images of a gavel and scale but still maintaining a true law firm aesthetic. 

Our research and strategy sessions led us to using the firms location, which resided in a metropolis amidst high rises and architectural escarpments, and display a monochromatic colour palette. 

In order to achieve this vision and construct a fresh brand identity that stayed true to form, the logo was created out of the widely loved and used typographical character Times New Roman, and re-structured to amplify some of its characters. 

With the blend of the monochromatic palette and visually stunning lines from the skyscrapers that circle the office, we were able to put together a beautiful brand identity that is easy to recognize as well as easy to use in everyday stationary. 

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